Monday, October 12, 2009 – Myrtle Beach, SC

     We absolutely loved our cruse to Greece, Turkey, Egypt and the Black Sea.  It was just amazing.  Well, the wash is done and the suitcases are almost empty and our internal clocks are way off.  We have to find another way to get home from Europe.  Ray went to the Dr. this morning and had x-rays and a cortisone shot in his knee.  It turns out he didn’t have too much cartilage in his knee and when he fell, he smashed what was left.  He has pills and if it doesn’t get better they will try some lubricating shots.  If that doesn’t work, he might need knee replacement.  I went to the eye Dr. this afternoon and it looks like I might need cataract surgery in about 18 months.  Ray goes to the eye Dr. on Wednesday and I get my teeth cleaned on Thursday.  Enough of this stuff — we have to get ready for our road trip to Florida on the 24th or 25th for a week and then a cruise with Ray and Joanie November 2 to 7 to the Bahamas!

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