June 10, 2010, Thursday, South Dakota

     I got up early today to return to Mount Rushmore for a view in the morning.  Borglum said the faces had to face southeast to receive the morning light.  It was nice and empty when I returned.

 IMG_7653 IMG_7664

     After breakfast we headed for Bear Country U. S. A., a drive through wildlife park.  It was fun to find the animals and the bears were the best!

IMG_7681 IMG_7687 IMG_7685

Rocky Mt. Elk                 Reindeer                         Arctic Wolf

IMG_7688 IMG_7690  IMG_7689

Big Horn Sheep             ?? Sheep ??                  Rocky Mt. Goat

IMG_7699  IMG_7716 IMG_7718

Black Bears

IMG_7733 IMG_7703 IMG_7759

Buffalo                           Mountain Lion                Red Fox

 IMG_7745 crop IMG_7763 IMG_7775

Albino Raccoon                  Otter                             Peacock

     After a stop in the gift shop, we headed for Deadwood.  We checked in at the Hampton Inn, 4 Acres Casino, had lunch, and then caught a tour bus.  We passed some of the sights in town and then headed for Mount Moriah Cemetery, better known as Boot Hill.  Just as we got out to see Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane’s graves, it started to pour.  We had to roll down plastic “windows”, so we missed some of the views.  Walking around, we saw where Wild Bill was shot.

IMG_7781  IMG_7788

     We had the buffet at the hotel which was just okay.  Ray enjoyed a brief stop at the casino and I rested.

IMG_7789 IMG_7792 IMG_7793

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