June 12, 2010, Saturday, Cody, WY

     Today we had an amazing 250 mile ride to Cody.  We continued along Rt. 90 until Buffalo and then crossed the Bighorn Mountains on Rt. 16.  At times the land just went on and on.  It was beautiful and we even drove through a snowstorm!

IMG_7847 IMG_7852

     The last couple of days we have seen signs along the highways saying that if the lights are blinking, the road is closed.  I don’t know what you would do on some of the back roads.


    When we arrived in Cody we checked into Buffalo Bill’s Antlers Inn.  It was a small cozy room.IMG_7886

     We headed out and just caught the last Trolley Tour of the day at 3 p.m.  It was a great tour with a lot of information.  One thing we noticed was all of the streets were six lanes wide.  Buffalo Bill designed the town this way because in the towns he visited with his wild west show had narrow streets and he had trouble turning corners with his wagons.  He used his own money to help build the road to Yellowstone.  He led a full and exciting life:  pony express rider, Indian Scout, buffalo hunter, military hero, showman and entrepreneur.

IMG_7871  IMG_7866

Buffalo Bill Statue                                Cody’s Oldest Homestead

IMG_7867  IMG_7870

Sears Roebuck Homes                        The Last Brothel

     It has been drizzling on and off so we skipped the gun fight at the Irma Hotel.  We had dinner at Granny’s and headed out for the rodeo.  Buffalo Bill is credited with starting the modern day rodeo.  Tonight was a special show – bull fighters and bull riders.  It was damp out and cold but all we had were nylon jackets.  We put on an extra tee-shirt, but we should have worn extra pants.  The bleachers were aluminum and COLD!  Everyone else was wearing winter jackets, hats, gloves and had blankets.  We sat on a plastic bag, but it did nothing.  We had bought plastic rain ponchos but at least it didn’t rain.  We didn’t wear them and I don’t think they would have helped.  The show was amazing and worth sitting in the cold.  A few guys were really thrown by the bulls and one was “helped” over the fence.  It lasted 2 hours.

IMG_7877  IMG_7900

IMG_7903 IMG_7905

IMG_7913  IMG_7924

     They had a bull you could sit on and have your picture taken.  We declined.


Tomorrow:  Yellowstone!

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