June 14, 2010, Monday, Wyoming

Old Faithful             Kepler Falls

     One more drive through Yellowstone National Park on our way south.  Old Faithful was even more beautiful in the sunshine as were the Kepler Cascades.  We passed the Continental Divide again before leaving the park for Grand Teton National Park.  I don’t know where this couple was going, but they had a long ride!

IMG_8069-copy  IMG_8068

     Driving through the Tetons was absolutely breathtaking!


IMG_8086  IMG_8093



     Wyoming has more elk than people!  We could drive for miles with nothing but landscapes everywhere.  We drove through the Wind River Indian Reservation.

IMG_8095   IMG_8097

     We stopped at the Frontier Lodge in Lander, WY.  It had a restaurant attached so we ate there.  This motel was also a park at your door, but you drove into a u-shaped area first.  The room was small again, but check out the TV!  Did you notice one of the lights was out and there were no nightstands? 

IMG_8098   IMG_8099

     Tomorrow – last day and heading back to Denver.

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