June 15, 16, 2010, Tuesday & Wednesday


     We left the mountains behind as we headed for Denver.  We drove about 375 miles today.  We (I) drove about 1550 miles for the entire trip.  I forgot to write down the mileage when we got to Denver.  We returned the car, took the shuttle to the airport and then got picked up by the Holiday Inn Express.  Of course I didn’t take pictures of the nice rooms.  We realized Ray’s folding cane was left in the car and they said they would have it at the airport in the morning.     This is the Denver Terminal.


     When we arrived at the airport in the morning, the cane was not there.  No one was there.  We called and they had it at the rental office and they would mail it.  As of June 27 it has not arrived yet.  The flights home were good and so were the Nathan’s hot dogs in Atlanta. 

    IMG_8102 Landing between the clouds in Myrtle Beach.

     However, when we reached home we discovered we had a leak under the sink.  Welcome Home!

     Everyone should visit Mount Rushmore at least once!

IMG_7679 crop Sue copy  IMG_7680

IMG_7666 fixed

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