Saturday, October 30, 2010, to HAL Eurodam

     After an early flight from Myrtle Beach via Atlanta we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale about 10:20 am.  We decided to take a cab to the port instead of the ship transfer.  It was $20, tip included.  Our luggage was put on the curb and we got on a line that was moving.  The ship wasn’t quite ready for us so they gave out numbers to board.  It really wasn’t a long wait and we were on board the Holland America Eurodam.  Our captain is Canadian, Captain Darin Bowland.  The first thing we did was to go to the dining room as we were told there was a Mariner Embarkation lunch.  We were then told it would be on Thursday.  We switched our dining from anytime to first seating and headed up to the Lido.

     They do not have trays in the Lido any more because of the Novovirus and they can’t wash the trays.  The food was good, but we really don’t like waiting in lines and making a couple of trips to get everything you need.  We ate with a very nice couple and had good conversation with them.  When we finally left, the cabins were ready.  We saw our suitcase in the lobby, brought it to the room and unpacked.  It was so nice to have the hangers that have a hook on top so you can remove them easily.  It doesn’t take much to make us happy! Our cabin, 1021, was a pleasant surprise.  It is a cabin for 4 and we have a lot of floor space.  If the couch was open to a bed that would not be the case.  There is also a bunk in the ceiling over our bed.  The bath had Elemis shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, shower cap, lotion, and soaps.  Our stateroom stewards are Jojo and Rul.

IMG_0233 IMG_0235

     We then took a walk around the ship to see our home for the week.  Our cabin is right below the Casino floor in the forward area of the ship.  The show theater is right down the hall.  The ship is very nice.  Below is the casino and the sports bar.

IMG_0241  IMG_0244 sports bar

     Below is the Queen’s Lounge / Culinary Arts Center & Front Desk.

IMG_0248 Queen's Lounge & Culinary Arts center  IMG_0249

     We were assigned table 64 in the Upper Rembrandt Dining Room and Janet & Tom are our table mates.   Our waiter is Putu Kerti and his Assistant is Yana.  We had a wonderful dinner and conversation.  During dinner the Captain made an announcement that we were heading back to Ft. Lauderdale due to a medical emergency.  Evidentially a man in a wheel chair leaned back and his chair went back, he hit his head and went out.  They used the defibrillator  to bring him around.  He was sitting in his chair when they brought him out. We went to hear Vivienne & the HALCats in the Queens Lounge on deck 2 after dinner as the shops were closed because we were back within the 3-mile limit.  Couples were dancing to the wonderful music.  When the shops opened we bought batteries for our clock.  There was a liquor tasting and they were giving out tickets for a raffle.  Ray went to get seats for the show at 10 and I waited for the raffle.  We did not win.  The show was an introduction to the show cast and they had some audience participation with some funny skits.  A visit to the casino ended a wonderful day!

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