Sunday, October 31, 2010, Halloween at Sea

     Went to the dining room for breakfast and had a lovely table for 6 near a rear window.  I thought it was raining when I looked at our TV screen “window” of the bow of the ship, but the sun was shining.  There was quite a selection of International breakfasts to choose from.  A couple of us ordered omelets and were told they would take a little longer, and they did.  We had a great conversation while we waited and breakfast was delicious.  We then had to stop back at the cabin before going to the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet.  There was a pretty good-sized group at 10:30 am.  Our nametags arrived and then the Beverage Manager came and said the Captain would be a little late and offered to buy us a drink while we waited.  Jason the Cruise Director came, spoke with us and then had to leave.  11:30 came and went and so did some of the CC members and then the Captain and Hotel Manager arrived.  Someone asked the Captain why a helicopter wasn’t ordered last night and he explained it was very difficult to get a helicopter logistic wise and it was expensive.  It was easier to return to port.  It will not delay our arrival into Grand Turk tomorrow.  He also said we would not be near the hurricane in the Caribbean because we were in the North Atlantic Ocean.  There might be some effects felt on our return.  We received an exchange gift from Wisconsin consisting of a magnet, a cow key ring that moos and lights, a Badger Claw (rich white coating over creamy caramel and fresh cashews featuring real Wisconsin milk and butter) and a Cow Pie (rich chocolate creamy caramel & fresh pecans featuring Wisconsin milk & butter.)

   Captain Bowland is on the right with the Hotel Manager.

IMG_0252 IMG_0251

     Patty and her partner talked about Murder for Hire where all the guests play characters-there is not audience.   It will take place on Thursday from 9-11 PM in the Northern Lights.   We were going to join in, but decided we didn’t want to miss the show in the Mainstage Theater.

     We went up to the Lido to find the pizza and hamburgers.  We found the pizza.  It was by the aft pool which was an adult only pool.  We sat in the sun and had a slice, which was not that good.  We walked past the desserts and had to stop for the Tiramisu — mmmm-good!  We located the hamburgers by the pool, but did not sample any.  They had hamburgers, turkey burgers, lamb burgers, veggie burgers and I think one other kind plus French fries.

     We headed for the casino and Ray entered the slot tournament and made it to the finals.  I tried to nap, but couldn’t fall asleep.  Ray came down with  cap and a bottle of champagne — he came in 2nd in the tournament.  He did not win the $500.  He watched some football and then we went to learn how to play the steel drums.  It was fun, but I don’t think I could do it without the notes written on the drum.  We played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

IMG_0253  IMG_0254

IMG_0256   IMG_0255

     We took a few formal pictures and then we heard the dinner bell.  I will try to get a picture of him.  He reminds me of the man in the old movies in a hotel delivering messages.  Tonight was formal night and we had another great dinner.  After dinner they serve fresh ginger and mints as you leave the dining room.  Janet & Tom on the left and Putu Kerti, our waiter.

IMG_0259 Janet & Tom  IMG_0260 Putu Kerti, waiter

     The Captain had a champagne toast and introduced the officers before tonight’s show featuring the Singers and Dancers.  It was a Fifties Show.  They have such energy! Cruise Director Jason and Captain and Officers.

IMG_0262 Jason    IMG_0266

Captain Darin Bowland and Towel Seal.  We received a tote bag.

IMG_0263   IMG_0267

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