Monday, Nov. 1, 2010-Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos

      Grand Turk Island is part of the Turks & Caicos Islands, a British Crown Colony comprised of 40 islands and cays.  This beach paradise has been blessed with crystal clear turquoise waters and smooth powder white beaches.  Seven miles long and 1.5 miles wide, Grand Turk has served as the government seat for the colony and the British Governor since 1766.  The island is renowned for its inspiring and colorful Bermudian British colonial architecture yet exudes its own quaint Caribbean charm.  The official language is English and the currency is the US Dollar.

     We signed up for a ship’s tour around the island in a van.  Our driver was very knowledgeable and we saw the salt house and a historic lighthouse.  The newer houses are concrete block and rebar built.  Four generators power the entire island.  The inmates in the jail go over the wall to buy liquor and knock on the door to be let back in, 3 meals a day and $1. a day for work.

     Carnival built the Cruise Terminal Area.  It includes a beach, Margaritaville,  Diamonds International,  Effy Jewelers, Del Sol  and many other shops. 

IMG_0276  IMG_0351

     The island has an airport and John Glenn splashed down nearby.  Some streets are very narrow, horses and cows roam freely.  Many houses are still in disrepair from the 2008 hurricane.

IMG_0285  IMG_0323

IMG_0294  IMG_0308

IMG_0325                   IMG_0331

     It rained a short time while I was using the free Wi-Fi at Margaritaville.  There was a DJ and those in the pool were having a great party.  The Internet was very slow.  Saturday’s post went through, I got to the end of Sunday’s and the computer stopped working.  Had to boot it up again.  It took about 1 hour to post 2 days.  We looked in a few more shops on the way back to the ship and then it started to rain again.  Lunch was in the Lido.  We sailed at 3 PM.  We went to an ammolite seminar and then to a cruise presentation.

     Dinner was wonderful in the Rembrandt Dining Room.  The pictures show Island Spice Rack of Pork — marinated overnight in island spices and spiced rum, oven-roasted until tender and served with mashed potato and island coleslaw.  Dessert was Pina Colada Cake — moist coconut cake with layers of pineapple compote and creamy coconut custard, covered with toasted coconut.  So much for not having dessert this week.  Yes, the tip is missing from the cake.  I almost forgot to take a picture.

IMG_0361  IMG_0362

IMG_0364 This is the person that rings the dinner bell and then after dinner he serves fresh ginger, mints and figs or dates.

     The show tonight was A Tribute to The Eagles featuring Joel Mason.  He played about 6 or 7 different types of guitars and the piano.  He was very entertaining.

IMG_0376  IMG_0378

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