Wed., Nov. 3, 2010-Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

     Since Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands in 1493,      St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas have attracted the attention of more outside powers than any other Caribbean islands.  The flags of Spain, the Knights of Malta, France, England, Holland, Denmark and the United States have flown over them.  Columbus and his men came ashore near St. Croix’s Salt River in search of water.  Columbus hastily named the island for the Holy Cross (Santa Cruz) and shoved off to discover St. Thomas and St. John.  Over the net hundred years, St. John and St. Thomas became the possessions of the Danish West India and Guinea Company.

     There was a rain shower during breakfast.  We did not plan a shore tour today so I went to the scrap booking class.  Not too many showed up and the gal running the class said she knows it is hard to do a page without pictures and said we could take the materials home.  They gave us a plastic carrying case, paper, embellishments and ribbon.  I took pictures of her samples.

     We then went ashore and everything looked different.  It turns out we docked at Crown Bay instead of Havensight Mall.  It was not as nice an area.  It was not as large.  We found an Internet place for $4 for all day.  My battery only lasts about an hour.  It was enough to send 2 days of posts.  I had trouble sending again, it kept saying the page timed out.  I will have to check that out at home.  We bought a couple of cans of soda, walked around the shops.  There were many iguana in the area.

IMG_0500  IMG_0502

     We went back onboard the Eurodam and had some lunch, took a nap and watched the sail away.

IMG_0503 Stitch St Thomas

      We had a wonderful evening show featuring James Cielen.  He performed a wide variety of magic, ranging from the extremely difficult sleight-of-hand to the equally impressive large-scale grand illusions.  Now I know I wasn’t seeing things when I saw some one walking dogs on the deck the other night.  He had 2 poodles in his act.  His wife did some aerial work.   The late-night show was the Eurodam Superstar Competition of Karaoke.  Some were much better than others but it was funny and entertaining.  We enjoyed all of the entertainment.


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