Friday, Nov. 5, 2010 – Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

       It was raining this morning, but then the sun was out for a bit and it turned out to be a partly cloudy day.  We did not bother taking the tender over to the island.  Many did and had a good day.

IMG_0531 They were washing the aft windows of the dining room.  They send over a wand with lots of holes in it and swing it across the windows.

     After breakfast I went to another computer class on instant messaging and webcams.  We then sat in on the end of a trivia game while we sat in the Crow’s Nest.  Lunch was in the Lido, as much of the crew was on the island.  Because of the trouble last night with the stage and due to the cloudy weather, Jason arranged for Joel Mason to perform as Elton John.  It was a terrific show and he stayed on for about and hour – longer than his other show.  I didn’t bring my camera and I should have.  Jason came out wearing platform shoes and feathers and changed twice.  He is an excellent piano player and singer.  We didn’t go to the disembarkation talk, we watched it on TV.  A lot of the crew went on stage and the chefs took a bow.


     We were asked to arrive early or on-time for the Master Chef’s Dinner this evening.  There was a special menu for tonight.  The waiters and assistants sang and danced for us.    Act 1 was the Ballet Service and they draped the napkins on our laps.  This is Chef’s Amuse Surprise, mushroom and duck mousse with with asparagus en bouche: IMG_0545 I ate it, but I would not order it again.  Act 2 was the Swing Service.  I ordered my usual iceberg lettuce but did have the mustard cognac dressing.  I also ordered Golden Baked Brie in Phyllo dough, warm and creamy Brie coated with toasted hazelnuts and wrapped in crispy phyllo dough, served with a spiced apple-cranberry compote.  I enjoyed it.  Entree choices were Tagliatelle with Roasted Chicken, Duck Breast a l’Orange, Whole Roasted Tenderloin of Beef, Grilled Lamb Chops with Oregano and Apple Chutney, Sauteed Shrimp Provencal, Apricot Glazed Salmon, and Wild Mushroom Strudel.  Yes, I had the beef.

IMG_0532  IMG_0539

Act 3 was The Final Service and our waiters marched out and sang for us.  Dessert was Baked Alaska, an ice cream glacier under a blanket of meringue, with a warm brandy Bing cherry sauce. IMG_0557

     The last show was a variety of all performers.  What a great show!  It went on for about 80 minutes.  Joel is an amazing entertainer.  It was like a big impromptu, friendly party.  The magician came up with a few more tricks, his dog is so cute.  I’d love to know what the dog is thinking when he appears out of nowhere.

IMG_0565 IMG_0568

Jason Venner in Joel Mason’s costume and James Cielen the magician.  What a terrific end to a great cruise.  After the show we put the last few things in our suitcase and put the suitcase in the hall.  We chose the last independent time to get off the ship tomorrow because we have to wait around until 4:45 PM for our flight home. 

PS.    Saturday morning we had breakfast in the dining room, collected our things and watched the strong man contest in the sports bar until it was time to leave the ship.  A quick taxi ride took us to the airport.  We had to wait until 3 hours before the flight before we could check our luggage.  FFL was packed in the US Air lounge.  We found separate seats, but many were on the floor.  We had our anniversary lunch in Chili’s and when we arrived in Charlotte we had a Nathan’s hot dog.  Happy 28th Anniversary to us!

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