Day 2–Thursday, January 6, 2011–At Sea

     Our day began with a wonderful breakfast in the dining room and then I had a nine o’clock meeting with Wilfredo Tubog, the beverage manager.  We finalized the Meet and Greet for Saturday.  He will speak to his boss about getting invitations sent for the remaining 2 meetings.  The safety drill was put off until this morning.  You no longer have to wear or carry your life jacket to the drills.  Our boat is right outside our window.

     We then went to the Atrium for Onboard Sports.  Today it was a bean bag toss.  There were no winners today, but Ray beat me.  The bean bag had to go completely through the hole.  HAL did away with Dam Dollars, but they are going to implement Grand Dam Dollars starting on Saturday.  We sat in for a short time to listen to Dr. Adrian Cooper, the Explorations Speaker.  Other activities planned for the morning included:  Aerobics, Detox for Health & Wellness, and a Digital Workshop:  Your Away From Home Movie.  That was for the morning.

     Afternoon activities included:  Bruce’s Brain Buster Team Trivia Challenge, Blackjack & Texas Hold’em Lessons, Acupuncture Seminar, Meet Your Travel Guide Barbara, Digital Workshop:  Put Your Best Face Forward 1, Quoits, Spin class, Getting connected to the Internet, Meet your Dance Instructors, Afternoon Tea, Team Trivia, Pilates, Digital Workshop:  Your Away From Home Movie, Snowball Jackpot Bingo, Stretch Class and Friends of Bill W.  Ray went for card lessons and I went to quoits.  I tried to nap, but no luck.

     We still had 2 empty seats at our dinner table.  We ordered prime ribs but there was pheasant on the menu.  I asked our waiter if he would bring me a very small piece so I could taste it.  Of course I received a whole plate.  There was a lot of rosemary on it, but it wasn’t bad, although I don’t think I would ever order it.  I offered it to everyone else at the table.  Ray had a little taste and so did Christine, but Willy ended up finishing it.

     The show tonight was the comedy of Rick Starr.  His jokes were clean and relevant to the age group in the audience.  Everyone had a good time.  Our first gift arrived tonight, a HAL canvas tote bag.

IMG_0627  IMG_0629  IMG_0636IMG_0638  IMG_0639  IMG_0628

IMG_0641   Sweet Dreams!

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