Day 3–Fri, Jan. 7, 2011 –George Town, Grand Cayman

IMG_0651 Stitch Grand Cayman

     This morning we were told we would not be dropping anchor off George Town in Hog Sty Bay, but 7 miles away in Spots Bay.  HAL did arrange for free shuttles into George Town.  Spots Bay is between George Town and Bodden Town.  We had a nice breakfast in the dining room and sat with a couple from Cruise Critics.  As soon as he said his name was Wiley, I recognized it.  They are seated at a dinner table with a Dutch couple.  This morning we received our pins for 3-star mariners.  We took a walk onto the bow and saw what was painted under the bridge.


     By the time we decided to go into town, we didn’t have to go get tender tickets.  Ray found his traditional T-shirt and I bought a coin and bead sarong to wear when I do Zumba!  The gal in the shop was wearing one and they had lively music playing and she was working it.  Ray suggested I get it for Zumba.  We walked around a little bit and it sprinkled for a very short time.  The parrots are no longer in the mall by Margaritaville.  I was hoping to find a magic marker, but no luck.  We wandered back to the mall to catch the shuttle back to the ship.

Stingray fountain and looking into the ship from lower deck of tender.

IMG_0648 IMG_0659

     The Taco Bar was open today for self-service today so we ate lunch by the pool.  While I am typing this in the cabin, the TV has the news about all the flights cancelled because of snow in NY.  It was very warm in town.  Ray is napping.  We had a cocktail party at 5 with Vacation Vignettes.  I think there were about 100 people there.  One change was made for Sydney and it is the same day we bought tickets for the Opera.  I have to go check with him, but I think it will be over in time for us to go to the opera.

     On the way to dinner, we passed a table announcing an Emerald Show in the Explorer’s Lounge tomorrow at 11 – the same time as our Cruise Critic Meet & Greet.  I spoke to someone in the jewelry store and said I’d be back after dinner.  At dinner, I ordered chicken and Ray had Chicken A La King.  Willy ordered lamb chops and Christine ordered the T-Bone steak.  She didn’t realize it was 22 oz!  I wish I had my camera to capture the look on her face when she saw it.  No problem, Willy helped her finish it.  After dinner we went to find out about the Meet & Greet.  There was a mix up and it was already printed in the program for tomorrow about the Emeralds, so they moved us to the Crow’s Nest.  Someone will be downstairs telling CC Members to go up to the Crow’s Nest.  When I asked for the Crow’s Nest a few months ago, I was told it was booked.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

     The show tonight was the Stander Dance Trio, which was1 gal and 2 guys.  The are touring with Dancing With the Stars.  It was different.  They were very good, but they would be much better on the tour with other acts in-between their dances.  They danced for about 40 minutes and had the audience get up and dance with them.  Tonight we set the clocks back one hour.

IMG_0660  Good Night!

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