Day 5–Jan. 9, 2011–Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

IMG_0688 Stitch Puerto Limon 

     Puerto Limon is the capital city of a province in Costa Rica and the country’s main Caribbean port with a population slightly over 100,000 (including many neighboring small cities).  Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus 10 degrees north of the equator.

     We arrived in port today around 6 am, and we went for breakfast about 8:30.  It is a beautiful sunny day.  We don’t have a tour planned so we just went to the shops in the “terminal” and just down the street.  We bought a frame made from local wood and a picture of birds made from bird feathers.  I am very proud that I resisted buying a T-shirt!

IMG_0678 IMG_0681

IMG_0680 IMG_0684

Park across the street.                     Strange fish near dock.

     When we got back on the ship we went to the Basketball Free Throw.  We each got 10 throws.  Ray won and received 3 Grand Dollars.  We then grabbed a bite to eat in the Lido and then went to the Closest to the Pin Golf Putting Challenge.  We each made it to the second round and then I lost.  Ray got 1 Grand Dollar for making it to the third round.  I took some pictures of the Crow’s Nest and then we watched a movie in our cabin.

IMG_0692 CN IMG_0693 CN birdhouse IMG_0700 CN

     We went up to watch the sail-away and then went to another great dinner.  The restaurant manager came to our table to talk to me about the CC lunch.  I will try to find him tomorrow and choose a date.  The entertainment for the evening was Shirley Dominguez, a harpist.  We saw her on the AAP Voyage in 2007.  It is amazing the way she plays her harp.  She has a new red electronic harp which is a smaller version of the large harp.  We listened to a few songs in the Ocean Bar by the Neptunes.  Tonight we had to set our clocks forward one hour.  We are back to where we started.  I want to get up early tomorrow, we should be entering the Gatun Locks around 6:30 am!


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