Day 7–Tuesday, January 11, 2011–At Sea

     This morning I needed the alarm to wake me for watercolor class.  I didn’t hear the alarm, but I felt a poke on my back.  Ray joined me in the Lido as I was finishing my breakfast.  I went to paint and Ray went to the sports activities and culinary demonstration.  After painting, I got my computer and went to the Spa to set it up for Zumba at 11.  Conditions were not ideal.  It was very hard to hear the computer.  Four of us did the introduction in learning the steps.  It went on until noon and then we just had to stop.  I’m going to look for another place.  The Spa put out a sign-up sheet without my knowledge, so there are a few others I will have to call.

     I met Ray for lunch and then at one we went to golf chipping in the pool.  Ray played cards and more sports.  I went to a digital workshop on windows 7, but left early to hear a little of Mitzi Gaynor’s interview in the Queen’s Lounge.  I took a few pictures and hope to hear the rest of it on the TV.  She is 81 and just had knee surgery.

IMG_0846 IMG_0858

     I left Mitzi to go to Arts and Crafts.  We did some quilling.  We used wide paper and twirled it on a cocktail stirrer.  It was different, but worked.  I wish I had brought my quilling tool.  I sat in the sun on deck 3 for a while and read.  We had another great dinner.  We are really enjoying Christine and Willy.  The Captain gave us champagne tonight for dessert because we will be crossing the equator about 12:30 am.  We will celebrate the crossing the next time on Feb. 28th.  Tonight was the first performance of the Amsterdam Singers presenting Songbook.  They were very entertaining.  As I type this, the TV is on telling about all of the bad weather on the East Coast.  They said all states had snow except for Florida.  We had a very warm day and we have had extremely calm seas.


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