Day 8–Wed., Jan. 12, 2011–Manta, Ecuador

STA_0904 Stitch Manta

     The Amsterdam docked in Manta around 5 am so we had a chance to “sleep in”.  We went up to the Lido for breakfast and looked out the window.  This is what we saw.

IMG_0888 HSV

     HSV stands for High Speed Vehicle and it was flying the US flag.  When we went ashore we went over and talked to them and were told they were here on humanitarian purposes and were Seabees.  The soldier at the front had a gun and so did a guy near the back on the water side.

IMG_0920  IMG_0925

        I saw Tom, the restaurant manager this morning and set up the first CC lunch for Friday, Jan. 21st.  I went to the front desk to get the rest of the cabin numbers and they didn’t want to give them out.  I did manage to get a few, but she really was reluctant.   I will have to give Tom what I have tomorrow.  He wanted them emailed to him, but the front desk said they couldn’t.  Tom also said we couldn’t have a lunch the last week of the cruise, there was too much already planned.  We will choose a second date at a later time. 

We took the shuttle into town to the Plaza Civica.  There were many stalls.

 IMG_0867 IMG_0869IMG_0871 IMG_0874

Ray bought a Panama Hat and some belts and I bought a pendant and earrings.  We then climbed 36 steps to visit the church, but it was closed.  We did find an Internet across the street – $2. for an hour.

IMG_0876 IMG_0880

It was very warm and humid, but, we were at the equator!  We were very lucky that it was cloudy.  We had lunch on the ship and then went to the soccer kick challenge.  Ray came in first and I came in second.

     The front desk called and said they could not fix our luggage, so they are going to purchase another one for us.  The rest of the afternoon Ray napped and I read.  We sailed away just before dinner and a beautiful sunset could be seen from the dining room.  Our entertainment for tonight was the Singing Sensation Daniel Bouchet.  Bruce played the piano for one of his songs.  I love to watch Irving Brown conduct the band.  They are great.

IMG_0929  We received a certificate because we crossed the equator early this morning.

Turn you face to the sun and the shadow fall behind you. – Maori Proverb

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