Day 9–Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011–At Sea

     I haven’t been able to sleep late, so it is nice not having a wake-up call.  I guess it was about 8:15 when we went up for breakfast.  We were almost finished eating when Ray asked me if I wanted to go to the American Waltz dance class with Judy & Mike.  It was at the same time as watercolor but I said “yes”!   We left class a little early and went to Good Morning Amsterdam in the Wajang Theater with Bruce Scudder.  His guest today was Oliver Brown, the band leader.  We picked a good day to go.  We found out that the entertainment from the ship’s singers and dancers will change at the half-way mark.  Right now we have the singers aboard.

     We then went to the Wii Challenge and played tennis.  It was fun to watch those that had never tried it before.  We then went back down to the Wajang Theater which doubles as the Culinary Arts Center to see a demo by Chef Daniel Bugge from Seattle.  He made a corn relish and lamb chop lollipops.  We then grabbed a quick lunch.

     I went to the beginning of the afternoon watercolor class and Ray went to the slot tournament.  He made the list.  We then played Quoits.  It was very windy and even cool up on the sports deck.  We listened to a future cruise presentation with Char.  We missed the ping-pong game – too bad.  Everyone received a Grand Dollar.  I tried to read and then nap and Ray went to see how he did in the slot tournament.  He won!  A T-shirt and $500!  It’s about time!

     Tonight was formal night and the Black and Silver Ball.  The entertainment was a combination of Shirley Dominguez on the harp and the vocals of Daniel Bouchet.  They closed the Queen’s Lounge for an hour to get ready for the ball.  The dining room and lounge had black and silver decorations all around.  There is live music at the beginning of every dinner.

IMG_0938    IMG_0931

IMG_0936 IMG_0933

Budi and Andri                                          Joel


Black & Silver Ball                             Mitzi Gaynor & Captain

Our gift tonight was a Wellness Travel Kit which had things like bug spray, tissues, sunscreen lotion, sewing kit, lip balm, hand sanitizer, binaca, an emery board and a few medication samples.


The world always looks brighter behind a smile. – Unknown –

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