Days 12 & 13, Sun. & Mon., Jan 16, 17, –At Sea

     I’ve had trouble get the blog to publish, so I will combine a couple of days.  Days at sea are more relaxed anyway, although always plenty to do.  This morning started out with a breakfast with Vacations Vignettes at 8 AM.

     I’ve been going to the 9 AM watercolor class with Carol and Marie on sea days.  It lasts about an hour.  After that at 10 or 10:30 there is onboard sports.  Sunday was a Wii Challenge of golf.  This was a target shoot.  We’ll have to get our Wii at home to work.  Sunday also had a 50 cent roulette bingo until 6 PM. Onboard sports featuring Ping Pong and Paddle Tennis Serve.  We made earrings in Crafts using beads.

     Today was the introductory meeting of the HAL Chorale.  Bruce said he used to pick a new name each year, but when HAL Chorale came up he liked it and has used it since.  There was a good turn-out.  It will meet most sea days at 4 PM.  We voted to sing “Encore”. After dinner our entertainment was a very funny comedian, Martin Beaumont.


     Monday, January 17th was pretty much like Sunday.  In water-colors, we started painting a woman and child from Peru.  In sports, we played a Nine Hole Golf Challenge.  There were nine holes made from blow-up frames and the put towels under it to create interest.  I forgot my camera.  I placed 2nd in the ladies division with a score of 21 on a par 36.  I think Ray had 23 or 25.  There was a birthstone seminar and then a Frisbee Toss, then Shuffleboard.  Ray is doing well earning Grand Dollars.  In crafts we made a bookmark with a butterfly on it.  The chorale decided to sing “Encore”, with Try to Remember, Play a Simple Melody, Button Up Your Overcoat, On the Sunny Side of the Street, Bandstand Boogie, A String of Pearls and That Old Black Magic.

     The entertainment for tonight was “Katzenjammer”, which was two men playing one piano at the same time.  I would find it very hard to play with someone else’s hands around and between mine.  They were excellent.  We haven’t had any time changes yet.

IMG_1110 Make your optimism come true. –Unknown-

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