Days 14 & 15, Tues. & Wed, Jan. 18, 19–At Sea

     I have been too tired to blog at night, so here are two more sea days together.  In watercolor we painted dolphins.  Carol and Marie have given us pictures to trace so far, so it is fairly easy.  I let Ray sleep-in this morning and he woke up a little after 10.  We went slalom skiing today during Wii.  We’ve been rocking, so it was funny to stand on the little platform and try to ski between the poles on the way down.  Everyone in the group has a good time laughing at each other.  We even got Christina and Willy to join us.  Christina said she used to ski, but this was harder.  I went to the talk on Easter Island by Melvyn Foster and Ray went to hear the top 20 cooking myths with Bruce and Mark.

     We had lunch in the dining room and then went to golf chipping by the pool.  This time we were on the bandstand aiming for the bears.  We had to get them to close the roof a little bit because the wind kept blowing away the whiffle golf balls.  We started macramé in crafts.

     Tonight was formal with the theme of Five Oceans Casino.

La Fontaine Dining Room, Five Oceans Casino Formal Night IMG_1122

     Motown and More was the entertainment tonight with three men, The Horizons”, singing all the great hits.  The only problem was too many complained about the rooms being chilly and they over compensated and the theater was too warm.  Our gift tonight was a Navigation Tool Set.   It has a map, ruler and pencil inside a tin case.  We will be able to redraw our sailed course.  The master-map will be updated and on display in the Crow’s Nest for us to copy.


      Wednesday we had breakfast in the dining room and then I went to watercolor.  Today we tried to paint a Value Chart and then I  worked on my Peru painting.  I think it is finished.  We went skiing again for Wii and most didn’t do much better than yesterday.  Might have to get Wii Fit when we get home.  Ray went to the culinary demo and I went to a digital workshop on making movies.  I had to leave early to meet Ray for lunch.  I tried to get a picture from the back of the ship showing the name and wake, but it didn’t work.  We had to hand in health forms for Chile today before we anchor at Easter Island.

IMG_1129 IMG_1134

     A soccer kick challenge was the sport for the afternoon and Ray won again.  Our Grand Dollars are growing!  I went to crafts to finish my macramé keychain.  I went to the cabin to work on blogs and do some reading.   I’m hoping to get some good Internet feed tomorrow so I can publish these.  After tomorrow, we have another five sea days before Tahiti.

     Another great dinner and hilarious entertainment this evening.  The show was titled “The Inter-Species Comedy team of: ‘a man and his duck’ Ken and Casey.  He was excellent.IMG_1136

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