Day 26–Sun., Jan. 30, 2011–Rarotonga, Cook Island

Rarotonga, pano

     Our colds are a little better and the seas are a little rougher.  Ray’s jaw is bothering him, however.  The Captain has said that only those steady on their feet should try the tender ride ashore.  It was taking a long time for tender rides because of the the caution getting aboard the tenders at the ship.  We went to the Wii Challenge – baseball – while waiting.  Ray decided not to risk his knee, so I went alone a little after noon.  The sailors were excellent!

STE_1714 IMG_1684


     Rarotonga is the most populous island in the Cook Islands.  The island of Rarotonga stands over 14,750 ft., the volcano is nearly 31 miles in diameter.  Te Manga, at 2, 140 ft. above sea level, is the highest peak on the island.  Most of the island benefits from beautiful white sand beaches and Wigmore Falls and the ancient marae, Arai te Tonga are popular sights to see.  Rarotonga is encircled by a main road tracing the coast.  There is no road crossing the island and there are only two bus routes:  Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise!  One of the busses was waiting, but I decided not to get on.  There were a few stalls where you could purchase the usual souvenirs.  It was Sunday, so it was very quiet.

IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1698

  I just missed a tender back to the ship, so I was the first one on the next one.  I decided to sit in the front seat and video the ride back.  It was like a sauna in the lifeboat waiting until it was time to leave.  As it was so rough, they only let a boat go when the one at the ship left.

IMG_1703  It was a wild ride!  I got back on board around 1:30 PM.

     Willy said he had a tummy-ache at dinner, so he didn’t have dessert but helped Christine finish her steak.  Ray ate light because of his jaw.  I had chicken piccata.

     The program was the comedy magic of Chris Blackmore.  We sat in the second row so we could see everything and he was hysterical.  The one woman he chose from the audience was, as Ray would say, whacked!  I almost wanted to go to the second show to see how he would be with someone else, but didn’t.  When I got back to the room I decided to try to get a good nights sleep and hopefully get rid of this cough.  The clocks go back one hour tonight.


My eyes are the ocean which my dreams are reflected. – Unknown –

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