Day 27–Mon., Jan. 31, 2011–At Sea

     I slept better, but still have a cough and Ray’s jaw is still bothering him.  He went to the Dr. and got some pills for a couple of weeks.  We painted a bookmark with a Polynesian design and in Wii we went fishing again as a penguin on an iceberg.  I went to a jewelry raffle, didn’t win, and then went to the culinary demonstration with Ray.  The head baker, Jamie, showed us how to make bread animals.IMG_1729  IMG_1733

     I went to a computer class, home movies part 2, and Ray went to hear Brig. Gen. Charles Duke Jr., the astronaut.   The computer room is set up so much better than it was on the Eurodam.  They have nice desks and chairs, not couches.  We did Iris folding in crafts.  Irving forgot about HAL Chorale and Bruce did a great job on his own.  Dinner didn’t appeal to us but it was okay.

     Besides B.G. Duke, we have another speaker on board right now, Cluny Macpherson.  Cluny was born and raised in New Zealand and is one of 6 children.  He went to work as a teacher with Volunteer Service Abroad in Samoa in 1965 and worked in tropical agriculture in the Pacific in 1967.  He gave a talk on the Pacific since WWII.

      Showtime was Grammy nominated pianist Judy Carmichael.  She plays in a jazz style and boy do her fingers move!  Very entertaining.  It is amazing how the guys in the band could keep up with her.

IMG_1732 This is the Lido.


A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you’re at home. –Unknown-

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