Day 39–Sun., Feb. 13, 2011–Oban, Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island, NZ

     Stewart Island is the southernmost inhabited island of NZ.  Halfmoon Bay lies on the eastern coast.  The settlement was named for Oban in Scotland, (Oban in Scottish Gaelic means “the Little Bay”) and the strong influence Scottish settlers had in the south of early colonial NZ accounts for the use of the name.  This is a tender port, so we went to play Wii.  We played Bop the Troll.  It was different.  While there, they announced that tender tickets were no longer needed.  We anchored in Golden Bay.

     Ray wanted to try the Blue Cod Fish and Chips while ashore.  After we got off the tender we saw a steep hill in front of us.  The shuttle was $5 NZ per person, each way.  We started walking.  It was windy and chilly.  It was 300 meters up one side and 400 meters on the other side of the hill.

IMG_2832 IMG_2834 IMG_2861 IMG_2835 

When we made it to the other side, there wasn’t much to see.  We went into a few small shops and the Rakiura National Park Visitor Centre.  We shared fish and chips at a little blue trailer called Kai Kart.  It was delicious.  You had to eat outside.  We sat with a couple of men who were visiting from Auckland.

IMG_2842 IMG_2845 Penguin Chess Set Fish & Chip Restaurant Shack 

Ray took the shuttle back and I walked over the hill.

 IMG_2863 IMG_2870 IMG_2873  The next pictures show the inside of the tender (lifeboat) and the stairs we climb when we get off the tender.

IMG_2882 IMG_2883 IMG_2884 

After dinner we went to see Tony Pace, a Vegas headliner “The Man with The Voice who Just Happens to be Funny”.  We’ve seen him before and he does some impersonations.


I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance in the world within.”          –Lillian Smith-

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