Day 40–Mon., Feb. 14, 2011–Scenic Cruising Fiordland National Park, NZ

     Today was a day of cruising through the park.  It was very cold and windy when I went out on deck 6 for a picture before breakfast.  I went to the Crow’s Nest for the second picture.

IMG_2887 IMG_2889 IMG_2892  We received chocolate from the staff.  Because it was Valentine’s Day we painted a card in watercolors.  We sailed through the fjords around Resolution and Secretary Island.  I was very tired and tried to get some rest before we toured Milford Sound, considered the most remarkable of the sounds due to the high mountains surrounding it.  In the second picture below, can you see the elephant?  There were 4 kayaks near the falls.  The ship did a 360 degree turn so everyone would have a view of the falls.  Tonight is formal night, so I couldn’t stay out for all of it.  It was actually quite nice on the bow.

 IMG_2904 IMG_2915 IMG_2921 IMG_2933 IMG_2937 IMG_2936

     The dining room was all decked out for Valentine’s Day.  I decided to skip the show, Black Tie, as I saw it before and tried to rest so I could stay awake for the Ball.  We stayed about 15 minutes at the Ball and left.  Because I was resting during the show, we received our gift the next morning—two stuffed koalas.  Our clocks were set back one hour tonight.  We started to rock a bit.

IMG_2945 IMG_2948 IMG_2957 IMG_2962  IMG_2967 IMG_2960

IMG_2969 “Great lives are the culmination of great thoughts followed by great actions”. –Peter Sinclair-

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