Day 48–Tues., Feb. 22, 2011–At Sea

     Today and tomorrow are Mariner Appreciation Days, where Holland America Line honors loyal guests.  We had rough seas all during the day.  In watercolors, we painted rainbow snakes and I got information about the class I missed.  We had a soccer kick challenge on deck 9.  Didn’t do well, but we all received $2 Grand Dollars.  Ray went to a culinary demo.

     At lunch time, we heard about the earthquake in Christchurch and Lyttleton, New Zealand.  It is just heartbreaking to watch it on the news.  We were there just 12 days ago and they seemed to be putting there lives back together after the Sept. 2010 quake and the big aftershock on Dec. 26.  They now say this might also have been an aftershock.  I took a picture from the TV to show the church that we visited.   The steeple is gone.

 IMG_2517 IMG_3548IMG_3540 IMG_3546

     I went to the pm watercolor class to work on my Cape Raoul picture.  I will have to keep working on it.  We used a broken tongue depressor for the painting.  Interesting.  Instead of crafts I went to techspert time with Jeff to give him my panoramic shots for a competition.  I was there over an hour which left me little time to get ready for the Mariner Appreciation Day Cocktail Party before dinner.IMG_3513   Tonight was formal night.  Free drinks and hors d’oerves and dancing for an 75 minutes before dinner.  Mr. Kruse had a few words to say.  The dining room looked very nice.  I like these chair covers much better than the loose ones.  IMG_3521IMG_3522 We had free wine at dinner.


  Starters included Cheese Tortellini, Malossol Caviar Crowned on Blini, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail and Pate de Foie Gras.

IMG_3528  IMG_3529IMG_3530  IMG_3527 

Tournedos au Poivre (sauce was on side) & Lobster Tail

IMG_3531 IMG_3532

Our entertainment was music theater star John Bowles.  Our gift this evening was a ceramic miniature of the Hotel New York in Rotterdam commemorating HAL’s first headquarters.  The Delft replica is of the original headquarters building of Holland-Amerika Lijn situated on the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam.  It now houses the modern Hotel New York.  It was created by the Netherlands’ Royal Goedewaagen (est. 1601) and is world famous for its ceramics.  It is in a box about 5” x 7” x 6” high box.


“It doesn’t work to leap a twenty-foot chasm in two ten-foot jumps…”       -American Proverb-

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