Day 49–Wed., Feb. 23, 2011–At Sea

     I skipped watercolors today to attend a workshop on blogging.  I will be trying a few new things I learned.  Ray did ping pong and the culinary demonstration with guest Chef Benjamin Christie. 

     Mariner Appreciation Days continued today with a special presentation by Stein Kruse.  The exact itinerary for the 2013 world cruise isn’t set, but the stops look good?  For dinner, the Lido was transformed into an extraordinary Mariner Appreciation Day event:  A Taste of Australia.IMG_3554 There was complimentary wine, and authentic Aboriginal didgeridoo musician and the Snake Gully Bush Band to provide the perfect musical accompaniment. IMG_3553 They removed some of the tables in the Lido and added beds and there were beanbags all around.  We tried the kangaroo and emu meat but not the crocodile.  I didn’t care for it so Ray added gravy to his and said it was very good.  They stacked wine barrels in the pool with a mister going, like a vineyard.  Bruce was stomping grapes.

  IMG_3557  IMG_3562 

Kangaroo on the left, Emu Loin on the right.


This guy did the chocolate dragon.  I liked the Frontignac wine.

IMG_3583 IMG_3593 

It was a great party and a lot of planning and prep went into it, but almost the entire ship went to the Lido to eat at the same time.  It was very crowded, warm and humid, with not enough seats for everyone.  The wine and drinks were free! Open-mouthed smile  There was only one show at 9:30, Seamus Earley, a female Australian singer. IMG_3598 We received another gift when we got to our room, two Zerrutti tasting glasses engraved with the ship logo.  Very nice, but no box.  Packing to go home will take some planning.



 “We all have ability.  The difference is how we use it …” –Stevie Wonder-

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