Day 51–Fri., Feb. 25, 2011-At Sea

     We left Cairns in the wee hours of the morning.  I skipped painting this morning and we went to Wii.  I think it was target golf.  I am going to have to write these in the evening as I can’t keep my days straight.  I can’t even remember what the weather was like, I was indoors most of the day.  They finally finished cleaning the pool from the Taste of Australia party.  It took just about an hour to fill it.

     The rest of the morning was spent at the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.  We had a pretty good turnout.  We then went and voted for the best panoramic photos in the digital lab.  I entered a few of mine.  I was able to put all of the pictures on a flash drive.  Most are really good.

     After lunch we went to the Paddle Pong Challenge in the Ocean Bar.  The men won 2 to 1.  We were in teams and had to balance a ping pong ball on a paddle and weave around Frisbees.  In crafts we made a necklace on memory wire.  The new group of HAL Chorale met and Broadway songs were chosen – the same songs I sang in 2007.

     Willy didn’t come to dinner, he has a stiff neck and shoulders.  He missed some good food!

IMG_3613   IMG_3614 IMG_3615  IMG_3616 IMG_3617      IMG_3618

IMG_3623     This is Dolly, a feisty 87-year-old “Master of the Ship”.  She has sailed on many, many world cruises with HAL and knows everyone.  She was on her way to a party with the Captain.  She fixed her neighbor’s roof five days before we left Ft. Lauderdale!

     We sat downstairs for the show because it was Australia’s favorite magician and world championship of magic multi award winner Tim Ellis.  He was very good.  IMG_3624

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”             –Roy Goodman-

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