Day 52–Sat., Feb. 26, 2011–At Sea

     I woke up around 5:30 this morning and managed to publish a few blogs, but I couldn’t get on AOL.  The Captain was on the speakers on the outside deck (outside our cabin) to let us know about the Islands we were cruising past.  We were in the Coral Sea and went through the China Straight, even though we are not near China.  Ray slept through it and I went up for breakfast and painting.  We used a new technique with a resist pen and it has to dry, so I did what I could and left to go to a digital class on making a collage.  WOW!  What a neat program.  After the workshop I went down to the cabin to get my computer and a flash drive.  Jeff gave me the download and it comes with a 30-day trial.  If I find a good Internet ashore someplace I will buy it.  Here are two pictures I made with the program.  One is of the flowers around the ship and the other is the Sydney Opera House.   The program arranges the pictures for you.

Flowers of Amsterdam collage 1

                       Sydney Opera Collage 3

     We had a Dutch lunch today in the Lido. IMG_3625 For dessert they made little pancakes called pofferkjes that I enjoyed.  There was a woman from the Netherlands behind me in line and she said they are best warm with butter and powdered sugar.



     We had a golf chipping challenge at the pool, but no one was able to hit a ball into a hula hoop.  Matt went into the pool anyway because it was so hot in the sun.  In crafts we made a napkin ring from paper.  It was formal night tonight and Christine and Willy did not come to dinner.  We each had the parmesan crusted chicken breast, baked to golden brown and served with honey dijon mustard sauce, boiled potatoes and green beans.  The entertainment tonight was award winning concert pianist Tomono Kawamura.  OMG she was so good!  Her fingers moved like the wind.  She played a piece that she wrote when she was twelve.  Unbelievable!  Our gift this evening was a very nice HAL lapel pin with the logo for this cruise.  Nice and small.

IMG_3626 “The happiest life is that which constantly exercises and educates what is best in us …”   -Hamerton-

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