Day 54–Mon., Feb. 28, 2011–At Sea, Crossing the Equator

     Overseeing the equator is King Neptune IMG_3793(known in Greek mythology as Poseidon) and in time-honored seafaring fashion there was a ceremony to ensure a safe passage.  It was held at 10 am at the Lido pool.  I didn’t go to painting for the entire time so we could get good seats.  I ended up standing on deck 9 anyway.  They used mostly cool whip and loose Jell-O this time – no spaghetti or rice or other foods.  It was still messy and a lot of fun.

IMG_3779 IMG_3786

    I then went to the Queen’s Lounge for the Match Game and Ray went to the culinary demo.  I didn’t stay for the Newlywed Game and went to computer class to hear about making a photo book.  Might give it a try.  Went to the cabin after lunch and Ray took a little nap (rested his eyes) and I took the computer to a class on show and tell, using live email and stayed for help.  I wanted to save pictures on my flash drive so Kiwi could have pictures from this morning and couldn’t figure out how to do it.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was when Jeff showed me.  Ray did some sports and I went to HAL Chorale.

     Just before we left for dinner, the Captain came on the loudspeaker and told us we would not be able to anchor at Koror, Palau.  They did something to their pier and did not give the ship the specs so it would not be safe.  We will now dock at Manila one day early, Friday, Mar. 4.  Koror would have been another town to look around as even the ship had no tours planned.  The Philippine crew is very happy to have an overnight in Manila.  Entertainment tonight was “The 4 Octave Range & Charming Personality of Paul Fredericks” from the UK.  We really enjoyed him.  He was in the band that sang Westminster Cathedral.IMG_3798 We set the clocks back another hour tonight.  That will make it 9 PM Monday night on the ship and 7 AM Monday morning on the East Coast.  The Academy Awards were on at 11 AM this morning.  I don’t know who won.

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