Day 55–Tues., Mar. 1, 2011–At Sea

     I woke early again so sent out blogs.  Tried to get back to sleep but without much luck.  After breakfast I went to painting and Ray went to the cabin and watched 3 episodes of 3 1/2 Men and laughed his a** off.  I stayed at painting and helped them get ready for the art auction on 3/3.   Ray went to a culinary demo and got recipes for Green Gazpacho with Shrimp, Halibut Caddy Ganty, and Salad Canaletto.  I sat by the pool and read for about half an hour, but the equator heat got to me.  We have been rocking and rolling since last night. 

     We met in the stateroom and then went for lunch.  I went to the Photo Competition Awards and we met up again for Chicken in a Pot.  A game where we tried to throw a rubber chicken and balls into a pot.  IMG_3806Ray went to the bean bag toss and I went to crafts.  Today we made a flower from crepe paper.  We rolled the crepe paper on two chopsticks.  It was different.  I went back to the room to rest a bit and found Ray beat me to it.  Of course I couldn’t fall asleep like Ray did.

     Dinner was good, I had fettuccini Alfredo and Ray had tempura shrimp and then asked for seconds.IMG_3799 IMG_3800IMG_3801 IMG_3802 IMG_3803

The entertainment featured both magician Tim Ellis and singer Paul Fredericks.  I moved the furniture around in the room today.  I switched the couch and the chair.  I hope Ray doesn’t fall over it when he comes in tonight.   IMG_3804 PS.  Ray doesn’t like it so I guess I will move it back shortly.

I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.”         -Lillian Smith-

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