Day 56–Wed., Mar. 2, 2011–At Sea

     In Watercolor class everyone was getting things ready for the auction tomorrow to benefit Hospicio de San Jose in Manila.  I did put one of mine in.  I then went up to meet Ray at the Human Ring Toss and I won!  We tossed hula hoops over Matt’s head.  Matt is a good sport. IMG_3807

I took the kitchen tour and Ray went to the culinary demo.  The kitchen is amazing.  I then went to hear the talk on Manila.


I can’t remember what Maureen called the craft we did, but is was punching holes in cardstock and then sewing them into a design.  It will be a 2-day project.  The HAL Chorale met and I took a neat picture of us reflected in the ceiling.

HAL CHORALE Music in Mirrors IMG_3876

Another good dinner with free wine or soda from the Captain and an excellent show by master guitarist Francis Diatschenko.  His father was from Russia, his mother Argentina and he grew up in the bush country of Australia.  He played in the classical style. IMG_3888 As a surprise, we received a gift on our bed tonight because we were on for the full cruise. IMG_3887 Two lovely boxes from Tiffany and inside were trinket boxes.  The top had a compass and the words Holland America Line and on the side of the dish there was a map of our voyage and all the stops written in white on the blue background. IMG_3890 I finally finished my counted cross stitch Kiwi.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  –Eleanor Roosevelt-

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