Day 57–Thurs., Mar. 3, 2011–At Sea

     Tried to sleep in this morning, but I couldn’t.   Ray did before I called him at 9:15 and told him he had just 15 minutes to get breakfast.  Ooops, I looked at the dining room time and not Lido times.  We talked for a while with a table mate and then went to the Art Auction.  I made Ray put in a $5 bid on my painting and we put a $12 bid on a koala.  We were late getting up to the end of it and lost the koala and my flower had 5 bids on it and sold for $9.  Go figure.  We made a cash donation and left.  There will be another action near the end of the cruise.  I went to Willy’s office and set the date for the next Cruise Critic Meet and Greet for March 9th in the Explorer’s Lounge.  Soon I will have to talk to Tom and set up the final Luncheon for CC.  I won’t volunteer for this job again.

     A quick cod lunch in the dining room and I went up for painting to make another flower and work on a couple of my other pieces.  Ray watched a movie in the cabin.  I went to crafts and worked on my string art.  We learned a new stitch for the center.  Then it was down to the cabin to get ready for formal night.  It seems like these formal nights are very frequent. IMG_3901IMG_3904 The dining room looked very nice.  Ray had lobster tail and I had filet mignon.  We could have had fried chicken. 

     The entertainment was wonderful.  It was singing sensation Tamara Guo, a superstar throughout Asia.  Our gift tonight was a vinyl rain poncho.  Clocks go back an hour tonight.  It was a good thing as there was a Royalty Ball in the Queen’s Lounge and we have a 6:30 call in the morning for a temperature check in Manila.

IMG_3912 IMG_3916

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