Day 61–Mon. Mar. 7, 2011–Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

     We are docked in the same place we were in 2007, the Southside Terminal next to the Ocean Terminal Mall.  At 9:45 am it was 63 degrees and cloudy/hazy.  We had to find luggage today to replace what was damaged on our arrival.  We went to the place Barbara suggested, but they didn’t have what we needed.  There was another place we checked out and a guy handing our fliers for suits snagged Ray so we had to go to that shop.  We left with nothing and decided to go to Stanley Market to see what was there.   I asked a local gal how to find out what it cost for the bus because you need exact change.  We didn’t have a long wait for bus 973.  Good thing I was looking because he didn’t pull into the slot, he was in the street behind another bus.  It was HK$13.60 each or about $1.77.  It took about 55 minutes to get to Stanley Market.  We sat on the top and did we rock & roll!  They need new shocks.

IMG_4164 IMG_4171 

Right off the bat we found the gals that sold me my blue suit from 2007.  She recognized my suit.  They had moved to a shop up front.  I bought some clothes and while they hemmed the pants we looked around.  Ray had a fish taco wrap for lunch and an ice cream cone.  A lot of it looked the same.  We picked up the clothes and headed home.

IMG_4183 IMG_4184 

We met Wiley from the ship in Stanley and he told us about some alleys near the Holiday Inn for shopping.  We got off the bus and walked a few blocks over to begin our adventure.  We were on this street in 2007.  We found one piece of luggage but he only took American Express or cash.  We found the alley and hit paydirt.  It was amazing they amount of traffic in the alley way.  We had to keep stepping aside.  We bought a highlighter green hard suitcase.  There was Tiffanys, Versace, et. al. on the street but the alleys had the bargains.

     We made it back to ship in time for dinner.  After dinner Willy joined us and we went over to an area near the water to watch and hear the laser show.  We lucked out with the narration in English.  I have a nice video of it.  Y’all come over to see it!

IMG_4209 IMG_4220

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