Day 62–Tues., Mar. 8, 2011–Hong Kong, P.R.China

     We went into the terminal to connect with Wi-Fi.  I did get some posts through, but it quit working when I tried to open emails.  We decided to go to Wii before we headed into town.  We did boxing.  That game really gives your arms a workout.  A lot of the shops seemed closed in the mall in the morning.  We went in a drug store that had snacks in the back and bought Choco Pies.  You have to pay for bags. IMG_4228IMG_4230 We wandered through the mall and then went into another   connecting mall and we found a supermarket.  I just loved their shopping carts.  The carry basket fits on a trolley.  We wandered around the mall and finally went out on the street.  Ray went with a guy to get a price list for suits and I waited outside.  It took quite a while and when Ray came out, he said the guy took him to the 17th floor and there was a tailor waiting to measure him for a suit!  We went in some shops and then in an outlet mall then ended up with us coming out an alley that I didn’t want to go down earlier.IMG_4231  We had a few Hong Kong dollars left to spend so we went to the alley where we got the luggage and spent it there.  It is under the pink sign, behind the man in the white shirt and pushing luggage.  We were very tired so headed back for the ship.  On the way we passed a bride getting her picture taken.  IMG_4239

Ray says:  All in all I find Hong Kong to be one of my favorite cities.  The buildings, the people, the vibrancy and the many cultures that come together make this a wonderful place to visit.   


  I tried to get on the Internet again, but could not get on.  After dinner there was a Hong Kong Cultural Arts Show in the Queen’s Lounge.  Again, a wonderful show.

 IMG_4264 IMG_4268

We watched the light show again and then went up to the Crow’s Nest for Mardi Gras Sail Away Festivities.  They decorated the room and had some hot dishes and cakes.

IMG_4292 IMG_4300

Hong Kong Sail Away

We each received a duffel bag with wheels tonight.

“Ideologies separate us.  Dreams and anguish bring us together.”             –Eugene Ionesco-

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