Day 66–Sat. Mar. 12, 2011– So. South China Sea

     As of 8 am we had sailed 18,236 nautical miles.  It was 75 degrees and it was a rainy day.  I am going to keep this short as it was basically a good sea day.  We did have horse racing in sports which was a lot of fun.  One of the major things that happened today was during Captain Olav’s noon talk.  As of this date we are not going to Egypt because of the US Department of State’s Travel Warning.  Our new itinerary will be March 28, Salalah, Oman – 0800 to 1700; April 2,  Aqaba, Jordan – 0700 to1800; April 4, Transit Suez Canal; April 5, Ashdod, Israel – 0700 to 2300; and April 6, Haifa, Israel – 0700 to 1800.  Please fix your itinerary.  If the Travel Warning is withdrawn, they will try to go back to Egypt.  We had to lose an hour before we dock in Singapore, so at 2 PM today it became 3 PM.  I’m so glad we did not lose an hour of sleep!

     The show tonight was a little bit of our last 3 performers, Preston Coe, Ronn Lucas and Eve Sherratt.  I was able to enjoy the entire performance tonight.

     We haven’t seen any footage from Hawaii, but we have seen the Tsunami that hit in California.  Our prayers and thoughts are with all those affected in Japan and the USA.

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