Day 67–Sun. Mar. 13, 2011–Singapore, Republic of Singapore

     Singapore, an island country and the smallest country in Southeast Asia, is located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.  Singapore is known to have the highest standard of living in Asia.  At 7:30 am it was 75 degrees and 87% humidity.  We have now cruised 18, 608 nautical miles.  We didn’t have a tour, so we didn’t rush.  In Singapore, we have to carry our passports ashore and go through passport control.  We looked in a store in the mall for an external hard drive and decided to wait so we wouldn’t have to carry it around.  We took the metro into town.  You buy a ticket in a machine and then scan it to get on and then again when you leave.  We were told you get $1 back when you recycle it after the trip.  We thought you had to buy a ticket first so we hung on to them.  The metro is extremely clean and easy to use.  It is used by nearly half the population as the government controls motorized traffic.  The metro led us right to the Raffles City Shopping Center.  We found an electronic store and I ended up getting the drive there at a better price.  I also bought an extra battery and SD card.  We happened on an Asia Exposition and saw Sri Lanka dancers and arts from Sri Lanka, Cambodia & Pakistan.  We bought a beautiful wood art.  Now to get it home.

IMG_0019 IMG_0015

     It stopped raining and was now sunny and hot.  We walked to an art store, only to find it closed on Sunday.  There was a book store nearby so I was able to get another quilling book.  I walked to their fourth floor only to find they did not have paper strips.  We went back to the Raffles Mall and had a drink.  Ray didn’t find anything in our price range to eat.  Back in the metro, we found out all you had to do was put your ticket in the machine and it gave you a $1 coin.  Ray would have had enough money.  In the mall by the ship we spent our last few dollars and went through passport control to get back on the ship.  Many of the T-shirts we saw said “Singapore is a Fine City”, meaning they will fine you for many things, jaywalking, chewing gum, spitting, etc. 

     Our feet were killing us and we had pizza.  Shortly it was time for dinner.  There movie “Black Swan” was being shown, but we got the pop corn and went to the cabin.  I tried to install the external drive and didn’t have much luck.

“Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go and you learn at once how big and precious it is.” – Anonymous-

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