Day 70–Wed., Mar. 16, 2011–At Sea

     Yesterday we entered the Indian Ocean.  The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world’s oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the water on the Earth’s surface.  It is bounded on the north by Asia; on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunday Islands, and Australia; and on the south by the Southern Ocean.  The Indian Ocean is delineated from the Atlantic Ocean by the 20 degree east meridian running south from Cape Agulhas, and from the Pacific by the 147 degree east meridian.

     We practiced using Chinese brushes in water color, painting bamboo.  I need lots of practice with the leaves.  Today was the ladies turn at Wii bowling tournament and I did not qualify.  There was another Mongolian Cookout for lunch.  This time he used sweetened soy sauce.  It was okay, but I think he used a little too much.  The Captain made his usual noon announcement, but this time he said it was very important.  They have to change our itinerary again.  They are moving Aqaba, Jordan back to April 3rd because there was too much traffic in the port on the 2nd and there would not be enough time to do Petra.  I had mentioned that to the tour office a few days ago when I noticed our time was shortened.  We don’t know what the other changes will be.  Ray went to the Culinary demo with Chef Jeffery Elliot, from NY.  Ray told him his son’s brother-in-law was Bill Telepan and Jeffery said, “We like Telepan”.

     The entertainment tonight was “Fireworks on the Four Strings!” with Chris Watkins playing the violin.  Excellent!  He is from Swansea, Wales and mentioned he met a schoolmate of his onboard, Eve Sherratt, the gal that sang last Friday.  She is from Swansea also.

“I could not at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on.  Life was meant to be lived.  Curiosity must be kept alive.  One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.”                     -Eleanor Roosevelt-

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