Day 74–Sun. Mar. 20, 2011–Agra-Delhi-Mumbai

     Another early wake-up at 4 am and we met at 5.  When we checked in, we ordered a packed breakfast as it was included in the rate.  They asked me if I wanted coffee in the room and I said yes – that they charged us for.  We met at 5 and were on our way at 5:10 am – so much for seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise.  We had to leave early because of the Holi Festival.   They didn’t want a chance of us missing our 4:45 pm flight to Mumbai because of traffic.  We had 3 cars and our driver was always last and we lost sight of the others quite often.  We passed a crowded temple at sunrise and other sights on the way to Delhi.

IMG_0332 IMG_0340 IMG_0350 IMG_0362 

When we arrived in Delhi, we saw India Gate and the President’s Palace.  Her Palace has 700 rooms.  Everything was closed and deserted because of the Holi Festival.  Monkeys are everywhere and allowed to go wherever they please, even in your home.  They not only worship cows, they have a Monkey God.  The Lotus Temple was beautiful.  Service was getting out when we arrived.  It was a beautiful marble structure. 

IMG_0366 IMG_0382 IMG_0394 IMG_0413

People wearing Holi colors.

IMG_0401 IMG_0420

We had lunch at the Marriott and then went to the airport.  IMG_0425  This is a picture of one of the stalls in the ladies bathroom.  We were met at the airport and taken to the ship.  We told the guide we had to stop at the Yellow Gate to receive a pass to get on the ship.  He said no and took us to the ship where they told him about the pass.  We then went to the Police Station at the Yellow Gate to get our pass.


It added about 50 minutes to our arrival at the ship when all we wanted was to go home.  It was a marvelous tour and we are so glad we did it.  We saw other independent tours waiting outside the gates to get to the station.  They had to walk in because their bus was too big.  We got on board in time to see the show by the locals and then went to eat in the Lido.  They set up a special meal for those returning late from tours.

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