Day 75–Mon., Mar. 21, 2011–Mumbai, India

     Mumbai is located on Salsette Island, which lies at the mouth of Ulhas River off the western coast of India in the coastal region known as the Konkan.  Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and is the most populous Indian city.  The name was officially changed from Bombay to Mumbai in 1995.

     Our ship’s tour today was “A Day in the Life:  Mumbai On the Move.”  Picture 1:  Begin at the beginning, with Gateway of India.  This is the city’s most famous landmark-an Indo-Saracenic archway built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary.  From that point you can see the Taj Hotel, picture 2, site of the bombing.  Picture 3 is the inside of the Churchgate Railway Station as we rode the train 4 stops to the Mahalaxmi Station to view the dhobi ghat on the banks of the local river.  Picture 4:  Each morning, laundry from all over Mumbai is brought here to be soaped, soaked, boiled, beaten, and thrashed.  The next day, after being aired, pressed, folded and wrapped, the bundles are returned to their owners.  Picture 5 is from the Mani Bhawan Gandhi Museum showing is assassination on Jan. 30, 1948.  The museum was Mahatma Gandhi’s Bombay base between 1917 and 1934.  The last picture shows the dabba-wallahs, members of the Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association.  Every day 4,000 of them deliver fresh, home-cooked food from 100,000 suburban kitchens to offices in the downtown area.  Each lunch is prepared by a loving wife or mother, and packed into a set of stackable aluminum boxes.  They sort the lunches on the sidewalk.  The meals are carried to their hungry recipients dangling from shoulder-poles and bicycle handlebars, and stacked decorated handcarts.  Each lunch has a code on the top.

IMG_0466 IMG_0469 IMG_0476 IMG_0493 IMG_0524 IMG_0544 

     After the tour we did some shopping in the terminal to spend the rest of our rupees.  I saw the same necklace that I saw in Delhi.  Christine bought it.  We departed the pier at 4 pm and then found ourselves sitting still during dinner.  The Captain said we hadn’t finished the paperwork for departure but had to leave because of the tides.  It was lucky for one couple that missed the ship.  They came aboard with the officials.

     The entertainment tonight was comedian David Deeble.  It was good to laugh and relax after a busy 4 days.

     The clocks will be set back 30 minutes tonight.

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