Day 76–Tues. Mar. 22, 2011–At Sea

     Today was a relaxing day at sea with the usual activities.  The Captain mentioned that we were heading into waters with pirates, but that cruise ships were not usually targets because of our speed.  Additional security measures would be taken.  Ray wanted to find pirates, but to no avail.  He also wanted to get a gun to shoot them.  Tonight was formal night and many wore Indian Garb.  The entertainment tonight was the group “Opera Interludes” which presented a highlight performance of Verdi’s  “La Traviata”.  They gave a synopsis of each scene, so it was easy to follow.  Tonight was also HAL’s Bollywood Awards Night Ball.  Judges selected the winners and the coveted “Dammy” Award was handed out to a the winners.  Most were in the talent show.

 IMG_0582 IMG_0585 IMG_0586 IMG_0598

Bruce bought Katie and Brooke saris.

”The difference between fiction and reality?  Fiction has to make sense.”    –Tom Clancy-

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