Day 77–Wed., Mar. 23, 2011–At Sea

     We will make ‘landfall’ off Iran before joining the traffic schemes that will lead us through the Strait of Hormuz.  The traffic ystems are in place here to separate the vast amount of shipping heading to and from ports in the Persian Gulf.  Most of the traffic consists of tankers trading with the oil rich states in this area as there are numerous oil fields in the area.

     Today was another typical sea day filled with activities, Watercolors, Onboard Sports:  quoits, golf chipping, & relays, Techspert Time, Arts & Crafts, etc.  I finally got in the pool again and did some reading in the sun.

     Our Travel Guide is Barbara Haenni, from Point Pleasant, NJ.  She used to work for NJ Bell and has been with HAL for 21 years and has been on 13 Grand World Voyages.

     The entertainment tonight was the Amsterdam Singers & Dancers in Avalon.  This is a new crew and were very good.

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