Day 82–Mon., Mar. 28, 2011–Arabian Sea

     We started a Lotus in watercolor today after working on color charts.  There was another Nine Hole Golf Challenge and I came in third for the women and Ray won for the men.  Ray did the culinary demo and we had hockey slap shot.  I spent some time getting these blogs done.  It is so hard if I don’t do it on the day it happens.  Today is actually the 31st for me.  We made silverware holders in arts and crafts.  The HAL Chorale finished the afternoon.  I get some reading done in between.  I’ve lost count of how many books I’ve read on the cruise.

     At 5:22 pm we had sailed 23,012 nautical miles and the temperature was 77 degrees.  While at dinner, I opened my camera but my finger was over the lens so it didn’t work right.  It then kept going in and out on its own.  I broke the camera!  I need one for Petra!    Ray tried to fix my camera by banging it on his hand.  We broke the camera!  The photo department does not sell cameras and thinks it would be cheaper to buy a new one instead of fixing it.  After dinner the Amsterdam singers and dancers performed Dancin’ Fool.  We enjoyed it.

     The Captain makes it a point to mention in his daily talks that we are being watched by many ships in the area to keep us safe.  Another wonderful sea day on the Amsterdam!

“The difference between fiction and reality?  Fiction has to make sense.”   -Tom Clancy-

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