Day 83–Tues., Mar. 29, 2011–Salalah, Oman

     Modern Oman is home to the Port of Salalah; its location makes it a major entry point to India, the Middle East, and Africa.    Salalah is the capital and seat of the governor or Wali of the southern Omani province of Dhofar.  It is the second largest town in the Sultanate of Oman and birthplace of the Sultan Qaboos bin Said.  The Sultan traditionally lives in Salalah rather than in Muscat.  Salalah is a city of antiquity, boasting the ruins of a palace reputed to have belonged to the Queen of Sheba and the resting place of the biblical prophet Job in the nearby Jabal al Qar.  It is also the alleged resting place of Nabi Imran, father of the Virgin Mary.  Visitors come here to enjoy the monsoons between late June and early September and avoid the harsh heat.

     Here we are in Salalah with no camera.  I mentioned the fact in the elevator and someone told me he had an extra one and would loan it to me.  Wow!  We met Barbara and asked her about getting one in town and she thought we might have luck, but said I could use hers.  Wow!  While at breakfast we mentioned to the fellow we were seated with and he happened to look out the window and spot a store across the way in the port that said Electronics. IMG_0028 We finally saw someone go into it.  The other side of the store said commercial market.  We had been told that you could not walk in the port and that you had to take a shuttle to the gate, about a mile away, and then take a taxi for about $40 an hour.  We had no tour today.  When we got on the pier there was a little stand set up and we asked a few locals if the store across the way would have cameras.  One said yes and others did not know.  The guy at the stand said he would drive us into the town to the store for $70 and worked his way down to $50.  We found out we could walk across to the store and headed out.  The store have five to choose from!  Happy, happy day. IMG_0027 We decided to get another Canon as I had just purchased a spare battery for it and did like the camera.  The only bad thing with the new one is that it does not have an eye viewfinder.  The guy told me it was in English and we bought a few other things and headed back to the ship.  The camera has English, but the directions were in German, Italian, French and Dutch.  We had to read the directions from the enclosed CD.  It turns out it is the same camera that Willy has.

     We missed Wii but made the Tic Tac Putt and Ray won! IMG_0033 This is Brooke showing us how to do it.  Ray had 3 in a row!  We then went on to the paddle tennis serve competition and had fun with that.

     I did some more reading on how to work the camera.  As you can see, I am back in business!  It is a little bigger than the old one, so I will have to get a new case.    

     After dinner the Kent Dancers entertained us with ballroom dancing.  They are a brother and sister team.  We have also seen them before.  The Captain still has people watching at night.

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things ma be, to see them as they are.”  –Samuel Johnson-

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