Day 85–Thurs., Mar. 31, 2011–At Sea

     Today was an ordinary sea day with all activities available.  The water was a little choppy as we were entering the Red Sea, but we were still sailing smoothly.

     The Olympics started today with Target Toss and Shuffle Quoits.  It is the Men against the Women.  Ray went to the ship building trials and said some of the ships were really big.  They had to float, hold 6 cans of soda and stay afloat when the hot tub was turned on.  HAL Chorale met and we finished learning all the songs.  Next time we’ll start at the beginning and see what we remember.

     We had a good dinner and went to the show.  Just before the show started, we heard the bong meaning an announcement was coming and then we heard the Captain.  What was he going to tell us?  He started off by saying there were some changes and everyone looked at each other.  Pirates?  Missing a port?  Adding a port?  He told us that the US had eased its travel restriction to Egyptian ports on the Red Sea.  He couldn’t change the new ports again, but because he had been sailing fast through the pirate waters, we would have time for a stop at Safaga, Egypt on April 2.  We would be receiving a new tour list later that night.  We were supposed to be in Safaga on April 1 and Ann had set up a great tour.  She called to say she did not have time to set it up again.  We understood, because I had tried to get on the Internet earlier in the day and could not get on.  We were told that due to increased military activity in the area we were to expect satellite service to be intermittent with scrambling and interference.

     The show was a variety including Davie Howes, Kuba, John Ekin and The Kent Dancers.  Davie Howes and Kuba did a wonderful duet.  They are both very talented.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy practice compassion.”  -The 14th Dalai Lama-

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