Day 87–Sat., Apr. 2, 2011–Safaga, Egypt

    Port Safaga, Egypt

Safaga is situated within a natural harbor surrounded by coral reefs and small islands.  Port Safaga, also known as Bur Safaga, is a town in Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea.  Safaga City is considered one of the most important therapeutic tourist centers.  Luxor is 137 miles away.

     This is the description for the 11-hour ship’s tour we took today.  It was $179 per person.  (If we could have taken Ann’s tour yesterday, it would have been $135 pp.)  IMG_0130    “An approximately 3 1/2-hour motor coach ride along the desert road leads from Safaga to the city of Luxor, where you will visit the Karnak Temple. IMG_0149The Avenue of Ram-Headed Sphinxes leads to the temple entrance and the Hypostyle Hall – a colonnade featuring 134 immense and richly decorated columns. IMG_0177 The complex also boasts the Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, the Temple of Amen-Re, and the Sacred Lake. IMG_0203IMG_0191   IMG_0232For lunch head to one of the leading hotels in Luxor.  Afterwards, you’ll explore the mysteries of the Temple of Luxor, begun by Amenhotep in the 16th-century BC and added to by other Pharaohs, including Ramses II. IMG_0241 The Great Temple of Luxor boasts its  own Avenue of Human-Headed Sphinxes and was once linked to the Temple of Karnak.           IMG_0245  IMG_0276   IMG_0255 

At the end of your tour, the drive back to Safaga takes Approximately 3 1/2 hours.

IMG_0328 IMG_0321IMG_0317  Ray’s Thoughts:  “Again, the sheer scope and awe of a civilization 3200 years ago rivals any structures built in the last 100 years.  Temples built by Ramses II and Alexander the Great taking 20 –50 years to be completed along with  massive pillars and statues just boggle the mind.  Statues of Ramses II and King Tut were buried under sand for thousands of years.  Obelisks were unearthed in near perfect condition after all these many centuries.  To take in the enormity of these sites was totally breathtaking.  Security was at its highest after the latest revolution that deposed Mubarak. Soldiers were everywhere and tanks were stationed in the streets.  It was well worth the effort to visit these temples that almost equaled the pyramids in Cairo.”

     We had dinner in the Lido and Ray went to the show to see flautist Clare Langan and I got things ready for another long day tomorrow.

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