Day 89– Mon. Apr. 4, 2011–At Sea

    Overnight we made our way south through the Gulf of Aqaba and re-enter the Red Sea in the early morning.  After passing through the Strait of Tiran we altered course to the west and then to the north to join the traffic schemes in the Gulf of Suez.  We anchored 2 miles southwest of the Suez Canal entrance late afternoon where we will spend the night before our transit tomorrow.  This picture shows some of the ships waiting to go through the canal.

waiting for Suez Canal

     Today was a day to relax after our days in Egypt and Jordan.  The calves of my legs were killing me.  We participated in the Olympics, bean bag toss and ping pong and in the end, the men won.  We did a couple of loads of wash and the other activities.  It was formal night with a theme of Arabian Nights.  Many guests wore Arab clothes to dinner.  Our entertainment was the Unexpected Boys again.IMG_0684 IMG_0686

     Our gift tonight was a set of post cards.

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