Day 95 – Sun., Apr. 10, 2011 – Piraeus, Greece

     Piraeus is a city in the periphery of Attica, Greece, located south of Athens and the capital of the Piraeus Prefecture.  It is the largest port in Greece and is one of the most important in the Mediterranean.  At 6:30 am it was 64 degrees with 38% humidity.  We have now sailed 26,507 nautical miles from Ft. Lauderdale.  It is 674 nm to Naples.

     We had our last tour with Vacations Vignettes today.  There were3 busses and we were included in these tours because Online Vacations is a member of the group.  We weren’t going to go because of the walking involved but decided it was better than staying in Piraeus.   IMG_1233    Our first stop was the Acropolis and I did get Ray to walk up to just inside the entrance.  Much of the scaffolding that was up in 2009 is now down.  It was very slippery walking and very windy on top.  It was just as amazing as ever how it was built up there.  We had a tour of Athens as we drove to the National Archaeological Museum boasting the world’s finest collection of Greek antiquities.                                    IMG_1245 IMG_1258 IMG_1286

     We then headed for the Plaka (Old Town) where we had a 15 minute walk downhill to our lunch venue.  As it was Sunday, most of the shops on the pedestrian street were closed.  We didn’t have time to shop anyway.  We finally made it to the restaurant where they sat us outside under a very thin arbor with birds and pigeons all around.  Lunch!It was sunny, so it was also very warm.  It was supposed to be a buffet, but we were served. 


We didn’t stay for dessert.  We went to a nearby shop to look around.  Yes, we’ve been doing a lot of shopping.  Packing is not going to be fun!  We met up with the group and hiked back to the bus and then went back to the port.  We passed some of the venues from the Olympics along the way.


     All aboard was at 4 pm and we just made it.  We had our last safety briefing at 4:15 pm.  After dinner our show was “original, bright, fresh & funny” Paul Adams.  It was good to unwind with a good laugh.

“Plan for the future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life. –Mark Twain-

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