Day 96 – Mon., Apr. 11, 2011 – At Sea

     Overnight we left the Greek Islands and the Aegean Sea behind us and re-entered the Mediterranean Sea.  We’re heading for the Straits of Messina which separates the island of Sicily from the Italian mainland.

     It was another wonderful day aboard the Amsterdam, although the water was a bit rough.  It felt like we were on a ship!  We started a waterscape in painting and had fun playing Wii.  We went to the talk by Gerald Bernhoft, Director of the Mariner Society as he spoke about the past, present and future of HAL including a sneak peek at the 2013 Grand World Voyage itinerary.  Sitting in the warm Queen’s Lounge and the rocking did not agree with me and I went to the cabin to lie down.  That was the end of the day for me.  So much for catching up on writing blogs.  Ray came and went, doing some of the activities. 

     It was formal night and the seas became calm again, but I did not feel like going to dinner.  Ray decided to eat in the Lido and not bother getting dressed up either.  Ray went to the show which featured the Amsterdam Orchestra in Beyond the C’s.  Our gift tonight was a flannel hat, scarf and gloves to keep us warm as we hit Europe.

IMG_1129 IMG_1487

towel animals_AutoCollage_11_Images

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