Day 97 – Tues., Apr. 12, 2011 – Naples, Italy

Mt. Vesuvius

     Naples is the largest city in southern Italy and the capital of the Campania Region.  It is located just halfway between the Vesuvius volcano and another unrelated volcanic area, the Campi Flegrei.  Naples stands at the edge of a fertile plain extending to the foot of Mount Vesuvius.  Naples is Italy’s second largest port and one of the major industrial ports in the Mediterranean.  Mount Vesuvius is of course famous for its eruption in 79 AD burying Pompeii in ash and destroying several other towns in the vicinity.

     We waited a while before we went ashore.  We watched the Monterey, MontereyWii Skee Ball a US Navy ship leave and then played Wii.

     We didn’t take a tour because we had done the area with Doug in 2001. (Not sure of the date)  We set out with the thought of maybe finding a barber for Ray.  We asked at the information center about a barber and shopping and off we went.  The maps they give you are not always the best.  We found and wandered down a pedestrian street IMG_1386 and then I had the idea of taking the funicular for a view of the city.  Well, Naples is all hilly and the area we had to get to was uphill.  We started up and I was looking at the map and a man asked if he could help.  He was Marty Brill, and entertainer on the ship and spoke Italian.  IMG_1391  He asked a man across the street where we could find a barber and we were told 4 doors down.  It turned out the guy he asked was the barber!  No signs outside the shop.


We then headed up some more and finally found the Funicolare.  Tickets were bought from a machine for one way only.  We get on and I am expecting a view.  Wrong.  It goes up inside the mountain.  When we got to the top the area was filled with teen-agers and scooters.  We had quite a walk to get to the look-out. IMG_1421 A lady walked with us to show us the way.  Luckily, the 3 flights of stairs we had to go up had an escalator next to them.  We ended up at the church of San Martino and a wonderful view.  We had a slice of pizza at a tiny pizza shop.  IMG_1396 San Martino    




We rode the Funicular back down and walked back to the ship.  I enjoyed walking around Naples.  We saw some wonderful sights.  IMG_1379IMG_1427 





     This is an overnight stay, so there was no show.  I went to see Eat, Pray, Love in the Queen’s Lounge.  I guess they showed it because Liz (Julia Roberts) goes to Rome and India.

“I just looked up at a fire twinkling star and thought that a voyager whom I know now many days’ sail from this coast, might possibly be looking up at the same star with me.” –Henry David Thoreau-

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