Day 100 – Fri., Apr. 15, 2011 – At Sea

     Yesterday after departure we set out on a southwesterly course towards Bonifacio Strait, which we passed early this morning.  Bonifacio Strait lies between the French island of Corsica and the Italian island of Sardinia.  Both islands are very mountainous and rugged, Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean.

     During painting this morning, our resident magician explained how the mentalist did some of his ‘acts’ last night.  I won’t tell them here so it won’t spoil your show if you ever see one.  We did downhill skiing is Wii and we aren’t getting much better at it.  We had all the regular activities and in crafts we made quilling earrings.  I didn’t finish mine as I needed my tools.  I spent some time sitting in the sun and reading.

IMG_1453 IMG_1455

     The entertainment tonight was Love Changes Everything.  Songs by Jordan Bennett and Dale Kristien.  They were wonderful.

“Cheerfulness is full of significance:  it suggests good health, a clear conscience, and a soul at peace with human nature. –Charles Kingsley-

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