Day 104–Tues., Apr. 19, 2011–Funchal, Madeira

IMG_1772 Stitch

  We had a fun day in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.  We took a ship’s Panoramic Island Landscapes tour this morning for $44. per person.  We left at 9 am and our first stop was at Pico da Torre.  It is a very pretty island and had a lot more houses than I thought it would.


     There were fantastic views over the Bay of Funchal.  We then continued on to Cabo Girao,IMG_1798  the second-highest sea cliff in the world with an altitude of 580 meters.  The rugged coastline and views were beautiful.


     The Captain said he wanted to leave as soon as possible after all aboard at 3 pm because of bad weather coming in.  We could see the clouds at the top of the mountains.  When we got to our next stop, Eira do Serrado viewpoint we were above the clouds.  We didn’t walk to the top of the viewpoint but looked through the shop.  We only had 40 minutes at the stop.  When we came out of the shop we were in the clouds and could not see anything.IMG_1833 IMG_1839

Our last stop was Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint with a 360 degree panorama.

IMG_1850 IMG_1853

     Back on board, the sail away was a little chilly and then the waves started, just as the Captain predicted.  We were really rocking!  After dinner, as I was waiting in the Queen’s Lounge before the show, it was a little hard to read with the curtain swaying and the ship rocking.  I was tired and not feeling all that great so I only stayed about 10 minutes into the show, The Outrageous Comedy of Max Dolcelli.

The clocks get set back one hour tonight.

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