Days 105-107–Wed.–Fri., April 20-22, 2011, at Sea

     We are down to the last week of our amazing cruise and our next port of call is Ft. Lauderdale.  We will be setting out clocks back almost every evening to get back the day we lost crossing the date line.  For ocean passages the Master can decide to sail either via a rhumbline or a great circle.  A rhumbline is a straight line between two positions on a chart.  The shortest distance between two points on the glove however is not a straight line, but a so-called great circle.  We are currently sailing on a Great Circle and the difference in distance is 36 nautical miles less than rhumbline navigation.  As the Captain predicted, Wednesday morning was very rough with 14 meter waves.  At least it wasn’t the 17 meter waves he expected.  It calmed down enough for the talent show and HAL Chorale performance to take place in the afternoon.  Over these three days they had all the activities, including an art show by the water color classes.  Each member of the class was asked to enter two paintings to be judged.  Needless to say, I didn’t win, but I learned a lot.  One picture I entered was a bird sitting on a camel.  We started packing and have three of our large suitcases finished.

IMG_1927 IMG_1933

     The ship has changed the floral displays again and many have an Easter theme.  They are truly gorgeous.  Friday was Budi’s birthday so we had Mr. K get him a cake because no one at our table had a birthday during the cruise and the cakes looked so good.  We wanted it to be a surprise, but Mr. K had him get the cake.  Andri’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago so we sat him down too and sang to both of them.  Mr. K brought a small cake, so we still didn’t get any, we let Budi have it.  IMG_1949

The entertainment for Wednesday was an evening of great music, fun and laughter with Kimika, a husband and wife.  On Thursday it was Las Vegas’ First Family of Entertainment, The Scintas with music, comedy and Impressions and on Friday it was the final performance of the Amsterdam singers and dancers in “Ultimate Broadway”.

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